Monday, May 25, 2009

Sugar Solution

Looking for Sugar Solution?

Go Barley GO!!!

We are all busy, with limited time to eat every four hours. Too often, we skip meals and then crush at late evening hours in our living room with a huge bowl of ice scream. The results??? Next day we feel it mainly on our belly, tights, or buttocks. Indeed, the saying: eat it today, wear it tomorrow can be apply. But, listen, there is a solution for our sweet desire: According to Swedish study, eating barley for breakfast will make the rest of your meals less fattening. In the study, 20 adults consumed every morning barley, which cut the desire for sweet by 44 % at lunch and by 14 % at dinner. Indeed, the less sugar you eat, the less FAT your body stores. Why does the barley work? Well, barley is rich in soluble fiber which takes its time to digest. In addition, levels of glucose stays stable thanks to the fiber while it is breaking apart. In other words, YOU will feel full for long hours. Isn’t this what YOU need???


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