Monday, May 25, 2009

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Loosing 20 pounds by cutting SUGAR

One day, I was tired. I was tired of gaining weight and spending numerous hours at the gym. Indeed, I worked out my ass off, yet the numbers on scale were increasing week by week. I felt hopeless and miserable. The mystery of food was rising every day as well as my anger. When one day, by a chance, I got to read an article about sugar and its other names and how the body works with it. The fact that sugar plays with the pH of human’s blood and therefore stealing calcium from human’s bones is just one negative side of sugar intake. The idea about cavities or diabetes does not need to be even mentioned. Sugar is killer. I was shocked by the fact that sugar and its other brothers and sisters are hidden in every food. From bread to pasta, to cereal to soda. The sugar is everywhere, unfortunately, we do not know about it.

Thus, one day, I decided to quit. Cold turkey. The next few days brought a succession of wonders. My skin began to clear up and had a totally different texture when I washed. I discover bones in my hands and feet that had been buried under bloat. I bounced out of bed at early hours in the morning, ready to start the day, ready to role. My shirts were loose, ,my jeans were falling down, actually I needed to buy a belt! My hip bones started to pointing out, ,my thighs got thinner, everything was suddenly smaller. And I mean everything. To make a long, happy story short, I dropped from 145 pounds to a neat 119 pounds in less then 3 months and ended up with a new body, a new clothes, a new life.

And that is why I write to you to share the knowledge about the sugar and its family, so even YOU can reach for the better choices. Indeed, I am a sugar addict, yet after learning what the sugar does to you, I try to consume natural sugar, the one found in the fruit and vegetable.

Is Soda good for YOU?

Do you ever think what is in a can of soda?

Well, let your eyes read the next few sentences, and you may learn something new.

Today, I would like to inform you about Phosphoric Acid, which is one of many dangerous ingredients hidden in soft drinks, especially Coca –Cola products.
Many of us blindly reach for a can of soda because we got addicted to the taste of it or need the energy to keep up with our busy lives.
Well, we should know that Phosphoric Acid lies on pH scale at the level of 1-2 range. If you don’t know, that is extremely high, comparing to the pH of blood of 7.3-7.4. Even a slight change of this level is deadly. So when we drink a can of soda, we add a couple of cups of acid into our bloodstream. Then, our body starts to panic and has to clear the acid out of the blood by leaching calcium from bones in order to drop the level of pH.
Also, researches at Tufts University, studied people who have drunk soft drink, mainly Coca – Cola product, found that these have lower mineral density in their bones.
Thus, by drinking soda we lead to calcium depletion and we are singing a contract with osteoporosis.
Unfortunately, Phosphoric Acid is just one of the devils. In one can of soda is much more.

Stay tuned, read more.

Got Whey???

Eat Whey!!!

Whey products contain important amino acids which help build muscles and burn the enemy, fat. If you eat every whey protein, you reward your body with the highest amount of protein for the fewest number of calories. The easiest way to get more whey into your new bode: mix a tablespoon of whey protein to you shake, or to your morning bowl of cereals.

My advice: Looking for good whey protein? My favorite is Vanilla Whey Protein from Whole Foods. One scoop: 110 calories, Zero sugar, 24 grams of WHEY PROTEIN. Get it today!

Breakfast at STARBUCKS?

It is an early Monday morning, and you cannot wait to taste the delicious White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino. Your mind can clearly picture the rich cream on top of the sweet crushed ice and your teeth cannot wait any longer to bite to the well-baked Walnut Bran Muffin. Indeed, you need the sugar to power up your morning and get ready for the long stressful day, don’t you? Well, you can still enjoy the sweetness of Starbucks, with fewer calories:

Eat THIS: Grande Vanilla Late with Black Forest Ham, Egg, and Cheddar Breakfast. The Math: calories: 630 ( 250 for drink)
33 grams protein
73 grams carbohydrates
22 grams ( 12 g saturated)
1 gram of fiber
1, 065 milligrams of sodium

Not THAT: Grande White Chocolate Mocha Frappuccino with Walnut Bran Muffin; The Math: 900 calories (410 for drink, you get to be kidding!!!)
15 grams of protein
120 grams carbohydrates
35 grams of fat ( 12 grams of saturated)
6 grams of fiber
740 milligrams of sodium.

PS: The harmless looking muffin is filled with more fat and 110 more calories than the breakfast sandwich.


ut Some Shake into your LIFE.

Feel Full for HOURS with health secret!

Do you want to lose some weight, but do not want to starve your lovely body??? You don’t need to. Students of Kentucky University drank every day a protein shake, and lost 100 pounds in 10 months. Want the secret shake???

1 cup of skim milk + 2 tbsp ground flaxseed ( rich in fiber and protein) + 1 tbsp of Peanut Butter + ½ cup of frozen blueberries, or strawberries + 1 scoop of 100 percent WHEY protein = 400 calories, 40 grams of protein, 42 grams of carbohydrates, 10 grams of fat.


PS: The shake truly works, I need one every day to keep up with my crazy schedule. Looking for more shakes??? Write me, I will send you more!!!

Sugar Solution

Looking for Sugar Solution?

Go Barley GO!!!

We are all busy, with limited time to eat every four hours. Too often, we skip meals and then crush at late evening hours in our living room with a huge bowl of ice scream. The results??? Next day we feel it mainly on our belly, tights, or buttocks. Indeed, the saying: eat it today, wear it tomorrow can be apply. But, listen, there is a solution for our sweet desire: According to Swedish study, eating barley for breakfast will make the rest of your meals less fattening. In the study, 20 adults consumed every morning barley, which cut the desire for sweet by 44 % at lunch and by 14 % at dinner. Indeed, the less sugar you eat, the less FAT your body stores. Why does the barley work? Well, barley is rich in soluble fiber which takes its time to digest. In addition, levels of glucose stays stable thanks to the fiber while it is breaking apart. In other words, YOU will feel full for long hours. Isn’t this what YOU need???