Monday, May 25, 2009

Loosing 20 pounds by cutting SUGAR

One day, I was tired. I was tired of gaining weight and spending numerous hours at the gym. Indeed, I worked out my ass off, yet the numbers on scale were increasing week by week. I felt hopeless and miserable. The mystery of food was rising every day as well as my anger. When one day, by a chance, I got to read an article about sugar and its other names and how the body works with it. The fact that sugar plays with the pH of human’s blood and therefore stealing calcium from human’s bones is just one negative side of sugar intake. The idea about cavities or diabetes does not need to be even mentioned. Sugar is killer. I was shocked by the fact that sugar and its other brothers and sisters are hidden in every food. From bread to pasta, to cereal to soda. The sugar is everywhere, unfortunately, we do not know about it.

Thus, one day, I decided to quit. Cold turkey. The next few days brought a succession of wonders. My skin began to clear up and had a totally different texture when I washed. I discover bones in my hands and feet that had been buried under bloat. I bounced out of bed at early hours in the morning, ready to start the day, ready to role. My shirts were loose, ,my jeans were falling down, actually I needed to buy a belt! My hip bones started to pointing out, ,my thighs got thinner, everything was suddenly smaller. And I mean everything. To make a long, happy story short, I dropped from 145 pounds to a neat 119 pounds in less then 3 months and ended up with a new body, a new clothes, a new life.

And that is why I write to you to share the knowledge about the sugar and its family, so even YOU can reach for the better choices. Indeed, I am a sugar addict, yet after learning what the sugar does to you, I try to consume natural sugar, the one found in the fruit and vegetable.