Monday, May 25, 2009

Is Soda good for YOU?

Do you ever think what is in a can of soda?

Well, let your eyes read the next few sentences, and you may learn something new.

Today, I would like to inform you about Phosphoric Acid, which is one of many dangerous ingredients hidden in soft drinks, especially Coca –Cola products.
Many of us blindly reach for a can of soda because we got addicted to the taste of it or need the energy to keep up with our busy lives.
Well, we should know that Phosphoric Acid lies on pH scale at the level of 1-2 range. If you don’t know, that is extremely high, comparing to the pH of blood of 7.3-7.4. Even a slight change of this level is deadly. So when we drink a can of soda, we add a couple of cups of acid into our bloodstream. Then, our body starts to panic and has to clear the acid out of the blood by leaching calcium from bones in order to drop the level of pH.
Also, researches at Tufts University, studied people who have drunk soft drink, mainly Coca – Cola product, found that these have lower mineral density in their bones.
Thus, by drinking soda we lead to calcium depletion and we are singing a contract with osteoporosis.
Unfortunately, Phosphoric Acid is just one of the devils. In one can of soda is much more.

Stay tuned, read more.

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